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Hammocks, Blankets, Pillows and more: Quality, Artisan Products that Feel Like Home

If you’re reading this, then you probably take care to choose the right items for your home. Items of the utmost quality, built to last through all the memories; items made with care for your family and the environment; items designed for the modern tastemaker. This is what Locale’s home line offers — quality, artisan products that feel like home.

Collaborating with Local Artisans to Deliver Fine Handcrafted Wares

Locale works with a talented cast of craft workers to produce one-of-a-kind items for you and your home. These artisans are highly skilled creators dedicated to mastering and refining their techniques. The collaboration with these small-scale producers has many benefits. But what are these benefits, and what does it mean to be artisanal or artisan-made anyway?

Independence, Tradition, and Technique are all important parts of artisanship. Staying independent means production is also kept small, but by focusing on these characteristics, artisan producers are able to hone and perfect their crafts. No two artisan products are the same because each product benefits from a keen attention to detail and a personal touch. This translates to another benefit — quality.

Quality is probably the truest measure of a product’s worth. Artisans are well-loved for producing high-quality products, which is one of the main motivations for this collaboration between Locale and these craftspeople.

Quality-made products, built to last, make for smart investment because they pay for themselves over time. These products also deliver value to the user and the environment by reducing waste.

Natural Materials is also a characteristic feature of artisan products. Creating a quality product begins with selecing quality materials. Locale’s products are built with high-quality, natural materials that are sustainably sourced and safe for the environment and you – what’s not to love?

Locale Home – Quality, Artisan Hammocks, Blankets, Pillows and more

They say home is where the heart is. The word alone can inspire vivid recollections from our childhood — the halcyon days and the bruises. Home is where family happens. It is our sanctuary, the hearth of our experiences.

It should go without saying that a place this special deserves to be filled with the most thoughtful elements. After all, the decor and products that come to define the space also become part of our memories — Dad’s favourite recliner, the well-used hammock on the back verandah, the blanket that is there for every movie night. These elements form part of the spirit of what makes a home a Home.

Locale Home offers a range of quality, artisan items, from hammocks and ottomans to blankets and lighting fixtures. The aim is to present a product line that is not only built to deliver on quality, design, and finish but also thoughtfulness and care – the same way we build our homes.

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