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Welcome To Locale

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

An area or a place where something special happens.

A beautiful escape.

A place where you feel alive.

Somewhere for you to run to.

A place to inhale and exhale.

It’s your place, your moment to just be.

We give you, Locale: a curated retail experience like no other in Jamaica.

It is the mingling of dreams and hard work that has brought this new space into being. Born out of love for the creative and lifestyle industries and an understanding of the importance of its contribution to the economy and the well-being of a nation, Locale is the natural evolution of the work we’ve been doing. The pandemic provided both pause and opportunity to be able to further develop the KERRYmanwomanhome retail concept and also create a permanent space for MoDA Market.

Locale is the merger of these well-loved brands into one beautiful, artful retail experience, complete with locally made and designed products paired with global finds, a gifting centre, gallery art and soon-to-come: a cozy cocktail and coffee nook!

And to make it even more irresistible, we will be hosting specially curated events at least once a month. We will partner with our favorite creatives to give you more beautiful moments to relish and remember. First up, is a Valentines Dinner Experience with Stush In The Bush! Buttttt, more on that soon ;)

Locale is that, but Locale is also the eponymous label we’ve created through collaboration with talented local artisans to bring you our perspective of barefoot glamour in a collection of products, which we hope will inspire you as much as we have been inspired in the process of designing and creating them for you.

And, surprise! It doesn’t stop there! We have also partnered with a fellow female entrepreneur, Dr. Dainia Baugh, to offer a medical spa to complete the Locale experience. The DB Glow will be open in March to guide you on your journey to bring out all the beauty from within!

We’re so excited to welcome you!

Come escape with us at Locale!

Kerry + Aiesha

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