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Introducing Brand Locale – Elegant, Sustainable and Quality Artisan Products

Updated: Sep 1, 2023
Locale Straw Beach Hat

Locale is a first-of-its-kind concept store in the Caribbean region, representing a convergence of three well-established lifestyle brands under one roof. These three entities, KERRY manwomanhome, MoDa Market and DBGlow, have come together to offer a truly authentic, genuinely satisfying retail experience. By now, you know #ThePinkBuiliding, but did you know that Locale ALSO has its own product line?

What is brand Locale? Why shop Locale? What products do we offer? Read on to learn more.

Brand Locale ー A Sustainable Future for Small-Batch Artisan Markets

Locale has partnered with some of Jamaica's finest craftspeople to curate a selection of elegant, sustainable and quality artisan products that are branded directly under Locale. This collaboration allows these small-scale producers to maintain the benefits of keeping their operations artisanal while reaching a global consumer base under brand Locale.

Local markets are not only a wellspring for discovering and nurturing local talent, but also a path to building a truly circular and sustainable economic ecosystem, distributing value throughout the supply chain — to the hands that make the products, those they collaborate with, and the consumers who shop the wares. Locale’s vision is simple — build local, brand global.

Curated for HomexNaturexYou

All the products that you will find at Locale, whether on the website or in-store, are selected with care. They are reviewed and chosen for quality, sustainability and taste. We favour natural materials and organic ingredients that are safe to use and kind to the environment.

You can expect the same level of conscious merchandising for the products with the Locale brand name. We design the items ourselves, select the materials, and oversee their production with our cast of capable artisan producers.

Shop Locale - Elegant, Sustainable and Quality Artisan Products

So far, the Locale label carries two main product categories - fashion accessories and home decor. All items are handcrafted to meet our conscious merchandising requirements.

Our fashion accessories include hats and bags with one-of-a-kind designs and our quality assurance. We hope you feel the inspiration and satisfaction wearing them that we felt making them.


For the home, you’ll find statement pieces that deliver on practicality, sustainability and style.


We’re really excited about our catalogue so far! These products are items we would (and do) use ourselves. If you’re like us, then you care to find quality products that are sustainably made and good for both nature and you. This is what the Locale label offers and you can expect the catalogue to grow as the brand expands.

We hope you'll take this journey with us!

@LocaleJA on Insta!

Locale Finds - Curated for HomexNaturexYou

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