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A Brief Study

Virgil Abloh

Excerpts from a Legacy

Virgil Abloh spining logo

Louis Vuitton c/o Virgil Abloh

A mere glance at Virgil Abloh’s career reveals a mind that never stopped. His aesthetic was significant, even within the amorphous realm of postmodern pastiche that it occupied. Yes, Abloh extended and elevated the multifaceted beauty of the oft-underserved subcultures he tapped into, but the result was a platform for those subcultures to tell stories that were rarely found in high fashion. Abloh didn’t redefine urban cool, nor was it evident from his unapologetic catalogue that he had set out to do so. However, his work and achievements stand as a bracing obelisk—a monument exuding the quiet power of the Bauhaus style of which he was a student, and carrying the spirit of the indomitable youths whose aesthetic and lives he sought to elevate.

A Bird's Eyeview of Abloh's Empire from

It is clear from the rich topology he has left behind that Abloh understood that his legacy had one final test, something all works must answer to—time. His name is already immortalised— in the history books, in the minds, hearts and wardrobes of his following, among the diverse cast of A-listers who have witnessed his undeniable influence in the industry, in the empire he expanded for a community…

The shockwave his passing sent through the ranks of industry elites and those tapped into the scene, says all that needed to be said about an icon. The industry has seen enough legends to be able to call Abloh for what he is. It is no wonder that Abloh—artist, architect, designer, engineer, musician, DJ, philanthropist, mentor, chief creative director…excellence bar none—was chosen to sit at one of the power tables of a multi-billion dollar industry as artistic director at Louis Vuitton.

It is a pity that we can no longer get to see what he does next, but his work remains; his work continues. Virgil Abloh is part of the fabric of high fashion and counterculture.


Louis Vuitton Virgil Abloh

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