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Love your Everyday Skin with this 1 Simple Step

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The skin is our body’s largest organ. More than that, it is the body’s first line of defence against potentially harmful environmental factors — like solar radiation. Skincare is not just about aesthetics. Taking care of your skin should be an important part of any holistic wellness regimen.

Here is one simple step we can all take EVERY DAY to love our way to better skin!

Why We All Need UVB/UVA Protection

Summer might be officially winding down, but if you live in the Caribbean or some other tropical oasis, then it’s summer all year round! For those who are also blessed with the four seasons, harmful solar radiation doesn’t just come from direct sunlight. UVB and UVA radiation are present and gradually breaking down your skin’s defences.

Sunlight is a life-giving blessing, but moderation is key, like everything else in life. Even plants wilt if they don’t have the right balance, and our skins are more sensitive than foliage. If we are consistently being exposed to harmful solar radiation, then our defensive/reparative measures must be consistent as well.

The Benefits of SPF

Moisturising sunscreen doesn’t just help our skin retain moisture that is constantly escaping from the skin’s surface. SPF (sun protection factor) technology is designed to protect us from some of the harmful solar radiation that enters the body through the skin. This is ideal because solar radiation doesn’t just deplete moisture through the skin, it can also damage skin cells.

This is what makes SPF moisturisers so important to our daily skincare regimen. Using SPF moisturisers help to keep your skin looking supple and glowing while helping to prevent the damaging effects of UVB/UVA radiation, which include ageing, inflammation, irritation and skin cancer.

Adding SPF technology to your daily skincare regimen should be a no-brainer!

product image of moisturiser with SPF 40 showing benefits to skin

Love Your Everyday Skin!

Our skin has individual needs, but healthy skin doesn’t have to be complicated. It just takes the right products, the right regimen (including diet) and consistency. Consulting with a medical professional can help you find the right products for your skincare needs, and develop a suitable regimen. Consistency, however, should not be overlooked.

It can sometimes take some time to see the results you are looking for; this is exactly why consistency is important. With the guidance of your dermatologist, healthy lifestyle practices and some discipline, you can find (and maintain) your Glow!


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