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Design Week Jamaica 2023 Kicks Off the Conversation at #ThePinkBuilding

pink boutique with orange facade surrounded by greenery
#ThePinkBuilding at 4 Holborn Road

What makes a space?

A middling answer might suggest that the variables to consider are numerous and dependent on the space’s purpose and personal taste. Taste and purpose do indeed factor, but the spaces that stand out in our minds aren’t just special to us because they are appropriate. There is something to be said about the spirit emergent in the design of a space – that elusive, cumulative effect that cannot be assigned to any single element alone. The way the lighting dances with the colour scheme, the layout, the furnishing and the decor, each element an instrument in some transcendental aesthetic orchestra.

Take Locale, for instance. There is an air of intrigue crowning the boutique, one that effuses a singular charm. The boutique is young, having first opened its doors earlier this year, yet the building itself has a certain old-world appeal. The four columns framing the entrance, distinguished by the swirling capital at the top of the pillars and the slender fluting along their shafts, are a nod to classical Greek architecture. The columns rise up to cradle a stylised dome, giving the entrance an altogether grand appeal. In fact, the entire building makes for a bold statement with its prominent windows, dainty white accents and striking pink stucco finish.

Locale plays a compelling symphony, making it a fitting accompaniment to the launch of Design Week Jamaica, 2023, hosted at the boutique on Sunday, October 8.

fashionably dressed Jamaican women smiling and toasting at design week event

The Conversation Continues

Senior Associate Lifestyle Editor at the Jamaica Observer, Novia McDonald-Whyte, led the conversation once again for Design Week’s sixth year. The weeklong event series has been a welcomed platform for the island’s design community, manufacturing industry, financing institutions and other key stakeholders who were all part of the conversation.

Key industry figures turned out in fine style for the launch, and Locale offered a just as stylish backdrop for their Instagram reels.

In their introduction, co-founders of the concept store, Kerry-Ann Clarke and Aiesha Panton, spoke about their shared passion for all things design and how this culminated in Locale.

Clarke encouraged guests at the launch to explore the boutique in multiple takes, highlighting the many little surprises that pop up throughout the space, like the mural in the restroom and the story to go with it printed on the wall, the cosy coffee and cocktail nook that serves its signature drinks in designer glassware, or the many artworks, fashion and artisan products lining the walls and shelves of the boutique, highlighting the calibre of creative talent to be found here in Jamaica. On top of this, the space, which also serves as a venue for elegant small gatherings, is functional. What a way to start the conversation for Design Week JA 2023.

Design is Everywhere

Both Panton and Clarke had high praises for the Design Week platform.

“Design Week is an important initiative because it is centred around a meeting of minds and conversations which will propel the industry through collaboration and innovation, thereby shaping the quality of life we enjoy in Jamaica. Design is everywhere, and it influences our everyday lives with or without our permission to do so. With that said, it would serve us well to acknowledge it and ultimately improve upon it,” Panton expressed.

Through KERRY manwomanhome and MoDA Market, both of which are now housed under Locale, co-founders Clarke and Panton have dedicated much of their professional careers to showcasing the best in design and creative talent that Jamaica has to offer.

Guests at the Design Week launch were able to shop some of these exquisite finds as they sampled the cocktails and hors d'oeuvres care of CPJ and sampled the fine catering while grooving to the musical stylings of DJ Mario of FYAH 105 and DJ Lizzer of The Edge FM.

The Design Week conversation continues at various events throughout the week. Locale hopes to keep the dialogue going even beyond that with the brand’s presence as a platform for the island’s creative community.

stylish boutique showing fashionable clothes and style magazine on counter

Check out the event recap in the Style pages of the Jamaica Observer.

@LocaleJA on Insta!

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