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Tapas & Cocktails

Locale presents Stush in the City

The hosts for the evening holding cocktails and toasting a successful evening
(From left) Jacqui “Juicy Chef” Sinclair, events guru Aiesha Panton of Pussbackfoot, Kerry-Ann Clarke co-owner of Locale with Panton, and Lisa Binns of Stush in the Bush

Last week, #ThePinkBuilding delivered a Wednesday evening fit for a bohemian mood board, with its latest slot in an ongoing series of monthly events. This month’s celebración came in the form of a mid-week siesta dubbed Stush in the City: Tapas & Cocktails, hosted at Locale by Lisa Binns, aka Stush, and company.

Warning: this post contains images of delicious vegan food.

The event was sponsored by CPJ and Rémy Martin cognac fine champagne
Event sponsor, CPJ, put Rémy Martin’s premium cognac fine champagne in the spotlight for the evening

If you’ve never been to a Stush event, the theme is in the name. Elevated experiences, curated with finesse and a keen sense of style. No wonder, then, that the Kingston haute posse came out in their bevy for the bevvies, delicious bites and a night of good vibes.

The event was the exact dose of Caribbean cool that the summer evening called for, and the attendance looked the part. The best of the evening’s runway donned smart linen, frills and knitwear, short summer minis and the chicest maxis, channelling resort wear luxe. The gentlemen opted for dapper simplicity, providing the evening’s roses with a smart palette on which to bloom.

Locale, together with the Stush in the Bush team, planned an occasion appropriate for the fashion. The evening’s menu was a journey for the senses. A Spanish palate complemented by Caribbean flavours, highlighting the iridescent shades of the Caribbean’s rich cultural history. CPJ Beverages partnered with The Hummingbird Bar, and Jacqui "Juicy Chef" Sinclair, for expertly paired cocktails.

Aiesha Panton and her Pussbackfoot entourage transformed the event space into a finely pruned garden of wild cherry branches, Spanish roses and woodblock pedestals. Palm leaves fanned across the backdrop as breezy silhouettes fanned across the room. The motif? Life.

As if the evening wasn’t perfect enough, DJ Reneé complemented the libations with a lively soundtrack, carrying the evening on a stream of techno bops, delivered à la afrobeat mixes and Euro-house soundscapes.

Locale offered the light festivity as a thoughtful interjection to the work-week woes - a cool escape, right in the heart of New Kingston. As the nightlife in Jamaica's most populous city continues its renaissance, Stush in the City: Tapas & Cocktails was definitely one for the highlight reel.


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