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Why these 3 Jigsaw Puzzles are the Perfect Postcards from Jamaica + 3 Health Benefits of doing them

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

A woman smiles at her dog as she complete a Pieces of Home jigsaw puzzle

There is a certain art to doing puzzles as much as there is an art to making them. Completing a jigsaw puzzle is one of those activities that can be such a universally fulfilling experience. With all the reported cognitive benefits of doing puzzles, the satisfaction of placing that final piece is a reward that doubles as self-care. No wonder jigsaw puzzles made a resurgence as a favourite pastime during the COVID lockdown.

The following jigsaw puzzles designed by Pieces of Home all share a common theme - Jamaica. Keep reading to discover why they make the perfect memorabilia for travellers, gifters or puzzlers who love the isle.

New Money

2023 is an exciting time to be a Jamaican. Of this year's reasons to celebrate (or gripe?), the introduction of the newly designed banknotes and the inauguration of the $2000 bill marks the end of an era and the start of a burgeoning economic future for Jamrock. Who doesn't like fresh mint?

Pieces of Home's 'Every Mikkle' 2000-piece jigsaw puzzle makes for a fun token to honour a piece of Jamaica's treasured history. From the now-ancient $2 bill to the soon-to-be-extinct $5000 bill introduced not so long ago, you will be piecing together a snapshot of the Caribbean island's colourful money trail.

Health Benefit 1: Jigsaw puzzles exercise both sides of your brain and can improve memory

'Foodie' is a Language Jamaicans Speak Well

Food nice! This Jamaican expression is one that transcends language barriers, and so does Jamaican cuisine. With its rich cultural history, Jamaican cuisine is a veritable melting pot, seasoned with all the right spices and a whole world of ingredients.

A mus'-repeat on the island's menu is pictured in this next puzzle - a humble plate of escoveitch fish, bammy, and festival, served with a crunchy pepper pickle (say that five times fast). By the time you place the final piece in this 100-piecer, you'll be hankering for a trip to Hellshire for the real thing.

Health Benefit 2: Jigsaw puzzles can enhance your mood and lower stress levels

Jamaica Will Celebrate 61 Years of Independence

Jamaica celebrates the anniversary of its independence on August 6. This year marks 61 years, and the island nation has much to celebrate indeed. With this next 500-piece puzzle, you can piece together 60 years of Jamaican independence told in a collage of stamps, each revealing a different facet of the country's epic journey through the years.

Health Benefit 3: Jigsaw puzzles can improve visual and spatial reasoning


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