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Epic Intentions: 52 Daily Intention and Affirmation Cards

  • Description

    Epic Intention Cards are a deck of 52 affirmation cards that provide an extra mind shift boost through intention statements and beautiful imagery.

    • Intention: Each high quality card has an easy to remember intention statement at the top which is a powerful way to set the direction of your thoughts.
    • Affirmation: At the bottom of the card there is an affirmation statement that gives context to what the intention is meant to create. The affirmations simply amplify the intentions in your mind.
    • Imagery: AND, the images… each one is a custom creation designed by a visual artist through thoughtful meditation and her own intentional process.

    All three combined create an unparalleled way to focus the energy of your thoughts to help you deliberately create the life you desire.

  • Details

    Dimensions: 6.14 x 3.9 x 0.91 inches