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The Power Player Behind The Brand

In just six years Collection MoDA has developed from the premier fashion show and marketplace in the Caribbean, to a major, global fashion movement of vast proportions. Event Director and Founder of the MoDA Series KERRY ANN CLARKE is a true fashion visionary. She is the proprietor of kerrymanwomanhome, a luxurious boutique in her hometown of Kingston, Jamaica. It’s clearly one of the most celebrated retail experience in the Caribbean. Kerry, who studied Design Marketing at Parsons School of Design in Paris, and, had a stint with French Vogue, travels the world to select the unique items featured at kerrymanwomanhome. Her taste level balances an innate sense of style that’s incomparable. Now, Kerry has gone beyond the boutique and created the MoDA Series, where she has surrounded herself with a team of fashion and marketing professionals, who have contributed to the growth of this movement.

We caught up with this busy fashion influencer during the hectic MoDA Marketplace, and, later, weeks after the dust had settled, and got the inside scoop of Collection MoDA…and so much more with the person behind the movement. Listen in.

WALTER GREENE: Now that it’s all over, what are your thoughts of the MoDA Series 2017?

KERRY ANN CLARKE: The Caribbean has long been recognized as a region bursting with tremendous creativity. The mandate for the Collection MoDA is to provide a platform for creative talent to promote and sell their goods via MoDA Market. The series includes; MoDA Runway, MoDA Market, MoDA Magazine and MoDA Talks. I am extremely grateful for the support we received from our partners because without them we would not be able to grow from year to year. Our vision is for MoDA Series to become THE creative platform for the entire Caribbean region (think Art Basil as inspiration for the Caribbean) welcoming attendees and buyers from overseas to discover the best of the region’s talent. I am happy with the growth every year and will not pause until we have achieved our long-term goal and vision.

WG: Have you exceeded your expectations in year six of Collection MoDA and MoDA Marketplace?

KAC: I am my hardest critic….so no…While I am truly and wholehearted grateful with the support from talent, shoppers, partners and my AMAZING team players, the end all will be when we have in attendance wholesale buyers from overseas and our MoDA makers are continuing business AFTER the MoDA platform….When Makers are leaving their 9 to 5 to focus 150% on their creative platforms….only then will I be totally satisfied. That being said, we still have a lot of work to do.

WG: This was the best overall MoDA Series. How do you plan to top this in 2018?

KAC: WOW! Thanks 🙂 Each year we welcome feedback from both makers and attendees, and, we try our best to implement anything we can to make MoDA a better experience each and every year.

WG: Now, let’s do the fun stuff – here’s a series of fun, rapid-fire questions.

What’s your favorite color?

KAC: It depends on the mood I’m in.

WG: Last time you sang out loud?

KAC: Yesterday.

WG: What was the song?

KAC: I can’t remember

WG: What’s your guilty pleasure?

KAC: I can’t tell you.

WG: What’s your favorite city in the whole world?

KAC: It used to be Paris, now it’s Capetown, South Africa. I am a Boho girl and I am a nature girl, so going off on Safari was the best.

WG: When last you went to a public market?

KAC: In Capetown, South Africa.

WG: On men what do you like – Boxers or Briefs?

KAC: Boxer/Briefs.

WG: Coffee or Tea?

KAC: Coffee.

WG: Last time you danced?

KAC: At the fashion show when the clothes were coming down the runway.

WG: Last gift you gave?

KAC: When I came back from vacation in South Africa, I bought gifts of jewelry for everybody.

WG: Last time you made-up a bed?

KAC: Every other weekend when the housekeeper is off.

WG: What quality do you most value in friends?

KAC: Honesty.

WG: What’s your idea of perfect happiness?

KAC: Doing what you love with who you love.

WG: What is the trait you don’t like about yourself?

KAC: I’m too hard on myself. I stress harder and harder for perfection.

WG: What’s your greatest regret?

KAC: None. I look at life as a learning experience all the time.

WG: What talent would you most like to have?

KAC: Sing and dance.

WG: Who is your favorite singer?

KAC: Beyoncé

WG: What is your favorite song? KAC: Don’t have one. I like all sorts from different countries.

WG: Favorite fashion writer?

KAC: Walter Greene (well played Kerry)

WG: Favorite fragrance?

KAC: Joe Malone – Brazil and Mimosa from Calypso St. Barths.

WG: Complete this sentence: `I never travel without my……?

KAC: I like to not check in any bags….whatever I need when I travel, I’ll buy.

WG: Who is your ultimate fashion icon?

KAC: Can’t name just one. I’d say my iconic fashion people are: Karl Lagerfeld, Tom Ford, Gwen Stefani, Victoria Beckham and Marc Jacobs.

Kerry Cam - MoDA Runway '17

When family are built in best friends!


Written by: Walter Greene

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