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The Art Of It All

Whether you are a lover of contemporary art or not, there is no questioning the visual impact of art installations and you know me, I love art! 

You also know how passionate I am about nature and protecting our environment so when I see a collaboration between them I get excited and absolutely must be a part of it… I have to get involved, I have to explore and experience it!

The unique way in which art and nature seamlessly coexist when placed together have a deep effect on me - allowing me to enter, move around  and interact with it makes the experience so special.

Over the years I’ve seen an amazing mix of installation inspo, ranging from thought provoking to playful.

From works of art from an environmental perspective to artwork inspired by history and human interaction.

Take a look at these two spectacular installations I visited recently:

Rosé Mansion

A space built for playing and having fun while learning about that awesome pink drink, Rosé!

Ocean Cube

A pop-up exhibit immersing you in a futuristic under-sea world. Where coral reefs are traffic tunnels, jellyfish and whales are transportation portals, where shopping malls are made of pearls and bubbles and everything is bio-luminescent - emitting soft lights you cannot get enough of!! Who wouldn’t love that?! .

More importantly though, it raises concerns about our environment, by providing a proactive approach to its design, collabing with people who collect cans and bottles from the streets and also salvaging and reusing waste material during the whole fabrication process.

I’m always pushing that environmental envelope, always encouraging eco-responsibility, because it’s really never too soon to start saving the planet. So when I saw these straws I just had to share them with you!

These are from the company Sand Straws.  These straws are the ultimate reusable straws made from stainless steel and can be washed and reused many, many times. But What makes Sand Straws  amazing is the fact that it gives back to the planet!

With each purchase, 10% of its net profits are donated to the sea animal of your choice. Helping the planet not only on an individual level but on a global level as well - how cool is that?!

In our world of constant go-go-go and disposable everything, there are days when I don’t feel like I’m making that much of a difference. I’m sure you have those days too, those days when you wish you could do so much more. On days like this remember Rome wasn’t built in a day! Keep fighting the good fight for our environment. 

Even if what we’re doing is as small as bringing a reusable straw to work or wherever we go everyday, everything counts, and those little changes add up in the end. 

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