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New Year...New Me?!

Not quite but here’s how I started my year (that I recommend you try too!)...why? BC I started this week feeling so refreshed and even more connected with myself than ever and I REALLY wanted to share it and spread the love with y’all.

If you follow me on IG, you would have seen that I challenged myself to a week-long detox with my friend, yoga guru, author, and boss babe Sharon Feanny, who had reached out to me encouraging me to join her LIVEFIT detox

The detox was only one week ( which is really NOT a long time in the grand scheme of things), of giving your body a break from sugar, processed foods, wheat (aka all the bad stuff!) and choosing healthier options. During this week we also received daily guided yoga practises and meditations (all via email), and also got the opportunity to participate in private online discussions with Sharon and other detox gals, for inspiration, and for her to answer any questions cool is that?

I have so much respect for Sharon and the way she lives her truth that I thought- What’s one week if I get all these awesome benefits in the end? And the pricepoint- Not bad either!

After one week of complete dedication to nurturing my body, soul and all that good stuff, ( real self care), you would have hopefully learned enough about yourself and the lifestyle to continue instilling the practices into your daily routines moving forward :)

Here are my favourite takeaways from the week:

1. Be open-minded !

The areas we focused on during the week were not new to me at all. Especially the yoga and meditation- (I literally built a whole deck dedicated to it at home:) But I learned so much more about both practices during the week and was able to connect with myself, through them, on a much deeper level.

So friends, try not to dismiss everything because you feel like you’ve read or known enough on a particular topic.

There’s always some new perspective or method you can learn that can help you improve.

2. Connection is such a beautiful thing!

If you’re trying something new that you’re a little nervous about- having a group of like-minded individuals to support you is a game changer! There’s just something about knowing that you’re not doing it alone, and feeling the positive energy of others that really motivates you to stick with it.

Doing the detox with a group made it fun. It was the cherry-on-top of Sharon’s amazing guidance :)

3. Sharon’s 80/10/10 rule

Having to cut bad habits out of your life cold turkey is intimidating and it rarely ever sticks when you do it. Which is why I was really happy when Sharon broke this plan down for us so that we could use it as our foundation moving forward.

I plan to try my best to apply the rule to my diet moving forward. 80% of the time I’ll eat plant-based and love my body by giving it unprocessed, raw, healthy ingredients :)

And though adjusting to that won’t be easy (let’s be real!... and I DO enjoy my nightly glass or two of wine), I’ll have my weekends to look forward to, where I’ll be a little less strict with myself on what I can eat.

I know changes can be intimidating, but if you can stick to it just long enough to see the positive effects it has on you and, by extension, your life- There’s no going back! Trust me :)

If you want to learn more about Sharon’s detox programme click here.

And, if you want access to easy, delicious recipes that make eating healthy fun then check out her cookbook here.

I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about maintaining a vegetarian diet, yoga and meditation. So don’t be afraid to reach out :)

Thanks for joining me for another week of #VeryKerry!

Until next time ! Xoxo

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