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In The Life Of Kerry !

Hi! Welcome to! The home of timeless Caribbean fashion, unique gifts, cool finds and, starting today, AMAAAAAZING content ;)  

I hope the New Year has been amazing to you so far and continues to be. One of the resolutions I made late last year, was that I would relaunch my site’s blog in January 2019. And since you’re reading this post right now- I think I’m doing pretty great so far!

*Pats self on shoulder.*

So if you:

  • Are a lover of fashion and can never get enough style tips...

  • Are a wanderlust at heart and a lover of new experiences...

  • Have an appreciation of nature and love animals (if you know me, you know I love my fur babies!)...

  • Want to keep up with me on my journey through this thing called life..

Then, this blog my friend is for you :) (So be sure to subscribe at the end of the read!)

I wanted to do this blog because I love the opportunity it creates to form a connection with kindred spirits or at the very least inspire them. So in the name of lasting connections, it’s only right that I start this journey of ours off by telling you a little about how I got to this point.

As you would’ve guessed by the topics I listed earlier, I’m an animal-loving, environmentalist, and travel-enthusiast; who doubles as a Fashion Marketer, Merchandiser and overall Creative Entrepreneur that founded and directs the two brands: KERRY manwomanhome and The Collection MoDA.

KERRY manwomanhome, my first brainchild, is a concept boutique located in Kingston, Jamaica. Time spent there never feels like work because I LOVE what I do and not to toot my own horn- but I'm great at it too!

The store features an eclectic curation of fashion, home, and gift items from emerging local and international talent, some of which I discover during my travels :)

The Collection MoDA is a platform that I direct in partnership with an amazing creative soul Aiesha Panton :) and we're lucky to work with a hardworking team ! #GirlGang

The platform is an event series that showcases and fosters the growth of the best of Caribbean creative talent. We're on a mission to make Kingston, Jamaica the creative hub of the Caribbean region. You can learn follow our journey here.

Now back to my story :)

I’ve always had a love for fashion, which is why when I got the opportunity to study Fashion Design abroad in Paris at Parsons School of Design I was ecstatic!

This was it. I was leaving home (Jamaica) to study in the fashion capital of the world and become THE fashion designer to watch. My childhood dreams of studying fashion had finally come true AND to cut a long story story - I hated it. Yep, that’s right. I was miserable.

Now, this experience my parents were affording me was far from cheap so I had to come up with a Plan B and fast! My Plan B was Design Marketing. I switched programs and that was one of the best life decisions I have made to date. I was a natural marketer and I loved every second spent completing that degree.

While there, I also interned at VOGUE Magazine- another AMAZING experience that helped to mold the woman I am today. Even though at the time I didn’t notice just how much :)

My time in Paris taught me patience, discipline and more about my passions than I could have ever imagined! I also thank the city for my becoming fluent in a second language and not being afraid to say exactly what I mean or believe- something the French are very good at.

When I returned to Jamaica, I birthed my first brainchild- KERRY man woman home and the rest is history :)

As for my personal life, I am a mother to five BEAUTIFUL fur babies: two cats and three dogs who you’ll definitely see a lot more of throughout the blog. I’m also very grateful to be a wife, daughter, sister, friend, mentor and mentee to many lovely souls who may pop up every now and then in my posts.

That walk down memory lane was pretty fun! But I’m more excited for all the great content I have planned for you so I hope you’ll accept my invitation to follow my journey by subscribing below and since you know a little more about me, I want to get to know you a little too. So feel free to comment something about yourself before you leave :)

Au revoir mes amis!

Until next time :)

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