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A Happy Place

Do you have a happy place?

A place you go to occasionally, maybe even daily, that brings you joy.

Maybe, it isn’t even a physical place.

It could be a conversation with your favourite person. An activity like yoga or dancing. A favourite meal or a cup of coffee. It could even be a thought! Or a photo that triggers a particular memory...

Whatever it is that you’re smiling at the thought of right now, that’s what we’re talking about.

Whether its a physical experience or a mental one that exports you elsewhere, in that moment you can forget all the to-do lists, the orders you have to fill or the errands you have to run and just enjoy the present!  

That ‘happy place’ is the exact experience we’re working to create with our MoDA Mural, for the residents of the surrounding community.

For years, art has been used to transform the infrastructure of communities and lift the spirit of its members by allowing them a fun and creative medium through which they can share a piece of the community’s culture.

We know the power Murals have, to not only improve an area in an aesthetic sense, but to also bring communities together and make them more attractive to visitors, and even investors.

The initial painting of the MoDA Mural set the foundation for this, as 3 incredibly talented artists, along with the help of the MoDA team and sponsors came together and added life to the community walls through their beautiful pieces that each tell a different story.

And this year, we plan to take it a step further and transform the Mural into a space where community members can go to play and interact with other residents.

The MoDA Mural project will be more interactive the second time around as community members and artists will work with the MoDA Team to complete the expansion as a testament to the kind of magic we can create by working together!

We’re excited to see where this #MoDAMovement will take us and hope that you’ll continue to support us on the journey of making Kingston, Jamaica the creative hub of the Caribbean :)

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Until next time!

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