Whether you're on a formal detox program or simply trying to eat more whole foods, these colorful easy to make, high-vitality and mostly plant-based recipes will not only help you to "Live Fit" but also keep your soul shining bright

Twenty years ago, after becoming a certified Yoga Instructor, Sharon returned to Jamaica, the land of her birth with a vision to bring the gift of Yoga to the island. Today, she has not only been credited with bringing Yoga to Jamaica, but in spreading the message of health and happiness through her Transformational Live Fit Detox Programs, innovative Yoga classes that range from her signature Shakti Vinyasa Flow to her cutting edge, Live Fit Yoga (a combination of Kundalini Yoga with High Intensity Interval Training), Yoga Retreats, High Vitality Cookbook and Cooking Workshops, Aromatherapy Products, Yoga DVD and charitable work with Children’s Homes such as Mary’s Child and The House of Love.

She recently launched her cookbook "Live Fit Kitchen" in which she shares the warmth and passion of a high-vitality lifestyle and offers simple recipes and helpful tips to help you create delicious, healthy meals, no matter the occasion.


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