These novels are for mature audiences (18+) and includes committed relationships with multiple partners.


These novels are a futuristic trilogy about a young woman starting out on her own who falls hopelessly in love with two men while embarking on a dangerous path to leadership

Rebel Miller is a fiction author who writes gripping romances about charismatic characters who often turn social conventions on their heads. She earned a graduate degree in Communications and Culture from Ryerson University, and an undergraduate degree from the University of the West Indies. While overindulging in Pinot Grigio and caramel popcorn, she binges on an eclectic mix of movies, music and, of course, angst - filled romance novels. Rebel lives in the outskirts of Toronto, Canada with her husband and two sons. Awakening, the first installment in the provocative Realm Series, is her first novel.

Rebel Miller Books is about telling stories that challenge the status quo. The plots of Rebel's books are, of course, wrapped around a romantic story line, but they're all about women who discover an inner strength and a sense of identity that allows them to take the reins on their own lives. A Rebel Miller Book protagonist isn’t running away from her past--she’s running toward her future. These types of novels are what today’s romance readers are looking for. They’ve had enough of the damsel in distress—they want Wonder Woman in love!


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