As the factions gain strength, secrets are revealed that compel Kira to do what she must to protect those she loves–including Gannon and Tai who work together to stop her enemies, even as they battle to own her heart.


Choices have to be made ...


Kira struggles with her love for both Gannon and Tai even as she takes on a greater role that strengthens her position among her peers. When given a choice she’s never believed possible, Kira thinks she has the answer to her every desire. Unfortunately, her every desire doesn’t come as easily as she hopes.


... even as time runs out


As Kira comes to terms with her desires, her rising status becomes threatened by revelations that lead her to a truth that’s been buried within the Realm’s past. After a family member in need makes a desperate appeal, she takes matters in hand to try to stop her enemies once and for all ... and, hopefully, before it’s too late.


This novel is for mature audiences (18+) and includes committed relationships between

multiple partners.


This novel is part of a futuristic trilogy about a young woman starting out on her own who falls hopelessly in love with two men while embarking on a dangerous path to leadership.