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Nature Insolente

  • Description

    A fragrance that embodies the bold revival of nature's untamed spirit. Immerse yourself in a summery and sharp freshness that transports you to the heart of unbridled landscapes. As nature reclaims its rights, this fragrance encourages a reconnection with our primal instincts. The aromatic journey unfolds with invigorating notes, echoing the vibrant essence of the great outdoors. The bottle, a testament to untamed beauty, mirrors the rebellious yet harmonious spirit within. "Nature Insolente" is not just a fragrance; it's a celebration of the wild, inviting you to embrace the audacious allure of nature's insolence.

  • Details

    • Top notes : orange, lemon, bergamot orange
    • Middle notes : lily of the valley, mint, honey melon
    • Base notes : vetiver, cedar, musk
    • Size: 15ml

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