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Guest Book - Beige/Yellow

  • Description

    Guest Books are a beautiful way to preserve cherished memories from special occasions. With an elegant design and high-quality pages, this guest book provides enough space to write heartfelt messages and well wishes. It is not just a book for your event—it becomes a walk down memory lane, allowing you to relive beautiful moments for years. Place it on your coffee table or shelf to keep your precious memories within reach while elevating your home decor.

  • Details

    • Material: 18% polyester 2% cotton 40% recycled grey board 25% FSC, acid free paper 5% satin
    • Height: 23,5 cm
    • Width: 23 cm
    • Depth: 2,4 cm
    • Weight: 0,8 kg
    • Colour: Beige/Yellow
    • Pages: 100

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