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Ecstactic Motion - 500 Pieces

  • Description

    Experience Priscilla Weidlein’s uncommonly lovely take on a quotidian afternoon. We love the many humorous hidden details that make assembling this puzzle the perfect antidote to boredom and creative stagnation.

  • Details

    – 500 piece puzzle 
    – Completed Size: 16” x 20”
    – Box Size: 9 ½” x 7 ¾”
    – Pieces finished with a soft-touch, glare-free coating
    – Drawstring cloth bag and artwork postcard included
    – Made with recycled materials

  • About the brand

    This brand was founded with a simple purpose: to create artful objects, designed to be both fun and functional, that would help people access habitual moments of calm and connectedness. The founders believed in the transformative nature of something perfectly ordinary: daily play. They set out to create products that would be simple to use, beautiful to look at, and luxurious in quality.

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