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Chess Clouds

  • Description

    Discover this unique edition, "Chess Clouds", featuring a spectacular design inspired by the sky. The pieces and board are made of wood, with a thin layer of acrylic mounted on the board's surface, creating an impressive reflection. The box is crafted from high-quality art paper, adorned with a printed cloud formation, and enhanced with a hot foil print in navy and white.

    Immerse yourself in the world of classic board games with our exquisite Chess, perfectly designed to complement our concept of "Coffee Table Games," elevating your home wherever you place it. Whether you play or display it, it's a guaranteed win.

  • Details

    • Material: 60% FSC Cert, acid free paper 20% wood 20% acrylic
    • Height: 25 cm
    • Width: 25 cm
    • Depth: 4,5 cm
    • Weight: 0,9 kg
    • Colour: Blue / White

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