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Braha Fine Bracelet

  • Description


    Adorn your wrist with unparalleled elegance with this hand-embroidered fine bangle, a fusion of luxurious materials and exquisite craftsmanship. Crafted with delicate silk thread, it boasts a mesmerizing array of intricate patterns and textures, accentuated by brass beads that add a touch of subtle glamour. At its center sits an enchanting oval-cut semi-precious stone, adding a captivating focal point to the piece. The soft leather lining ensures comfort against the skin, while the adjustable design, easily tailored by pressure, guarantees a perfect fit for any wrist. Whether worn as a standalone statement or layered with other favorites, this bracelet radiates sophistication and charm, making it the perfect accessory for any occasion.

  • Details

    • Hand embroidered
    • Silk thread 
    • Semi-precious stone
    • Leather lining 
    • Adjustable by pressure
  • Care Instruction

    All of these products are handmade, with leather, silk thread, sequins and other beads and semi-precious stones! It is therefore necessary to take the greatest care of them.


    Just like our 4-legged friends, our jewellery does not stand water well! It is advised not to immerse it in water (salty or chlorinated), detergents as well as with oils and cosmetics, alcohol, chemicals and acids.

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