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The DB Glow: A HAUTE new take on Menopause and Hormone Management

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Understanding your hormone profile during menopause can help your healthcare provider to tailor treatments.

Dr. Dainia Baugh, the "DB" and founder of The DB Glow, is always seeking to advance her aesthetic medical practice with cutting-edge technology that can help achieve the best results for her patients. Dr. Baugh's practice embraces the unique biology of each patient and aims to find treatment options that are tailored accordingly.

Read on to learn about her take on the game-changing test she uses for menopause management.



Menopausal Women are HOT *fact*


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Menopausal Women are HOT *fact*

Frankly, the hottest! A menopausal woman is like a phoenix during one of her most powerful rebirths. The journey can be a unique one for every woman, but it is typically one of flux as our bodies go through yet another major transition.

Understanding how each woman's unique physiology is responding to this pivotal metamorphosis can help healthcare providers treat symptoms more effectively.


The Hormones of it All

The human anatomy is a remarkably complex mechanism. At its peak, it is a finely tuned instrument, more delicate than many of us realise. It is no wonder, then, that a rebirth as powerful as menopause can wreak such havoc on the body's internal workings, particularly hormones.

Hormones are our body's way of sending signals to EVERY organ, cell and tissue about what to do. The more than 50 different hormones that serve as our body's chemical communication system control and coordinate everything from our mood, energy, appetite, digestion, fertility and metabolism.

Balance is the name of the game when it comes to hormone health, and menopause can disrupt your hormonal harmony. That is why I, and a growing list of healthcare providers all over the world, are taking advantage of this comprehensive test that offers detailed insight into your hormone health during and around the time of menopause.


The Dutch Test: A Precision Approach

The Dutch Test, short for Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones, is a revolutionary tool in menopause management. Unlike traditional blood tests, the Dutch Test offers a more comprehensive and precise assessment of hormonal balance by measuring hormone metabolites in dried urine samples collected over a 24-hour period. This cutting-edge approach provides healthcare providers with a detailed profile of a woman's hormone levels throughout the day, offering valuable insights into hormonal imbalances that may be contributing to menopausal symptoms.


Key Benefits of the Dutch Test in Menopause Management

Personalized Treatment Plans: The Dutch Test allows healthcare providers to tailor treatment plans to each woman's specific hormonal profile. This personalized approach can lead to more effective symptom relief and a lower risk of adverse side effects.

Identification of Hormonal Imbalances: By assessing hormone metabolites, the Dutch Test can pinpoint imbalances in estrogen, progesterone, cortisol, and other hormones that may contribute to menopausal symptoms. This information can guide targeted interventions.

Monitoring Hormone Levels: Women going through menopause can benefit from ongoing monitoring of their hormone levels, especially if they are undergoing hormone replacement therapy or other treatments. The Dutch Test offers a convenient and reliable method for tracking hormonal changes over time.

Natural Treatment Options: For women who prefer to explore natural approaches to menopause management, the Dutch Test can help identify specific hormone imbalances that may be addressed through dietary and lifestyle changes, as well as supplementation with natural remedies.


The DB Glow and the Dutch Test

Stop me if you know this one: lose keys, lose phone, hot flash, eat, drink, cry, lose more stuff, another hot flash, drink, launch hysterically, check wrinkles, night sweats – Menopause can come like a whirlwind in a woman's life.

Menopause is a unique journey for every woman, and the Dutch Test is an invaluable tool that offers precision and insight into managing its challenges. By providing a comprehensive view of hormone levels and metabolites, this test empowers women and their healthcare providers to make informed decisions about treatment options.

Whether seeking relief from bothersome symptoms or aiming for a more holistic approach to menopause management, The DB Glow and the Dutch Test offer a pathway to a smoother transition into this new phase of life, promoting overall well-being and quality of life. Our goal is to take menopause and hormone management from HOT to HAUTE.

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Honestly though, is there no limit to the miracle of the female biology?


Dr. Dainia Baugh

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Dr. Dainia S. Baugh, MD has practiced across the US and Jamaica for over 25 years. She holds several distinguished fellowships, including Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh.

As a leader in her field, Dr. Baugh consistently incorporates the most advanced technologies in her treatment programs with success. Everyday Skin is Dr. Baugh's flagship skincare line, leveraging patented formulas for a naturally youthful look.

The DB Glow, Dr. Baugh's aesthetic medicine practice, is proud to bring patients the best in aesthetic and wellness treatments while maintaining personal relationships and forming lasting friendships.

Learn more about the DB Glow's services and locations here.

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