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In The Life Of Kerry !

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

Hi! Welcome to! The home of timeless Caribbean fashion, unique gifts, cool finds and, starting today, AMAAAAAZING content ;)  

I hope the New Year has been amazing to you so far and continues to be. One of the resolutions I made late last year, was that I would relaunch my site’s blog in January 2019. And since you’re reading this post right now- I think I’m doing pretty great so far!

*Pats self on shoulder.*

So if you:

  • Are a lover of fashion and can never get enough style tips...

  • Are a wanderlust at heart and a lover of new experiences...

  • Have an appreciation of nature and love animals (if you know me, you know I love my fur babies!)...

  • Want to keep up with me on my journey through this thing called life..

Then, this blog my friend is for you :) (So be sure to subscribe at the end of the read!)

I wanted to do this blog because I love the opportunity it creates to form a connection with kindred spirits or at the very least inspire them. So in the name of lasting connections, it’s only right that I start this journey of ours off by telling you a little about how I got to this point.

As you would’ve guessed by the topics I listed earlier, I’m an animal-loving, environmentalist, and travel-enthusiast; who doubles as a Fashion Marketer, Merchandiser and overall Creative Entrepreneur that founded and directs the two brands: KERRY manwomanhome and The Collection MoDA.