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The Gabrielle Collection: Gold-Filled Rings and other Fine Jewellery for the Modern Sophisticate

Style is in the details.

Simple accessories, bold accessories, no accessories — however you decide to accentuate your look, each approach is valid and relevant to the occasion, the look, and the individual. The Gabrielle Collection by Peace-Is of Bianca favours simplicity, making its pieces the perfect accessories for layering a more complex look. The only limit to the style options with this fine jewellery collection is your imagination.

The Gabrielle Collection was created by Gabrielle J. Worton for Peace-Is of Bianca “in memory of a graceful grandma who only wanted to give her granddaughter pearls…by the rebellious granddaughter who never wanted to grow up.”

Rich in its symbology and elegant simplicity, the collection is very on trend according to the fall 2023 trend report by Vogue. There is a youthfulness to the collection that is also immediately timeless. The individual pieces can be styled for polished, everyday ensembles, or as part of a tasteful look for the right occasion.

Peace-Is of Bianca

Profile of brown-skin woman wearing gold earring
Bianca Bartley of Peace-Is of Bianca

Bianca Bartley is one of Jamaica’s most sought-after jewellers, with more than a decade of experience and glowing accolades behind her name. Her brand, Peace-is of Bianca, seeks to leverage its range of products to achieve a positive social, cultural and environmental impact by approaching the design and production of its pieces from a holistic viewpoint.

If you’re familiar with Bartley’s jewellery aesthetic, then you probably know her for her one-of-a-kind statement pieces that always find the right balance between whimsical and tasteful. Her designs typically translate the jeweller's vibrant creative spirit, and are known to bring a sense of joy and empowerment to its wearers.

The brand uses a range of organic materials, giving birth to a fusion of precious metals, including platinum, gold and sterling silver, intertwined with precious stones, and a variety of raw materials. The brand embraces the “living green” ethos, inspired by nature and her varying moods.


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