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Five local movements that I’m loving in 2019!

Welcome back to Very Kerry :)

I’m excited to do this week’s blog post because I get to talk to you about quite a few of my passions!

Now, if you know me or I’ve ever chatted you up in my store, then you already have an idea of how zealous I am about these topics.

So, of course I’d be happy to see that the following movements are gaining more traction with the new


1. Scandal Free Life

That’s a slogan from one of our MoDA Makers, TCP Tings, that I absolutely love.(You can find it on their totes here )

It’s in support of the recent ban on single use plastics. When I first heard of this I couldn’t have been happier that people are finally starting to pay closer attention to the impact of their actions.

Of course, I know we have a ways to go in terms of educating everyone and encouraging sustainable practices.

But I can’t help but be an optimist :) I’m grateful that, not only individuals and small makers, but also the public sector and private corporations are starting to take responsibility as well!

Relaxxx, I’m not going to start preaching :)

Personally, I’m vegetarian for many reasons...but mostly because I LOVE animals! And to be honest, somewhere in my psyche, the thought of eating another soul doesn't quite sit well with me...(read spiritual reasons), I also don't think that I need to kill them to survive, so why should I?

So maybe, I’m a little biased but I love that people are becoming more conscious of what they’re starting to put into their bodies and the effect that it can have on their health in the long-term.

I encourage anyone who’s considering the vegetarian or vegan lifestyle to do their research first on what the diet change will entail and ensure that they’re deciding for them. Because if it’s for anyone else- it just won’t stick!

If you are interested in testing the waters, you can try this awesome book by Sharon Feanny- Live Fit Kitchen. It’s an amazing read! And you can’t help but be inspired as you dive into her healthy, delicious world. I am doing her Live Fit Detox as I type this, and I can't wait to share with y'all :)

3. Goodbye Toxic and Hello Natural!

More and more persons are starting to read those fine print ingredients on the back of their beauty and body products and I’m lovin’ it.

Something that was once viewed as ‘hippie’ or weird, is now considered #selfcare and #selflove. And that’s okay, because people just didn’t know .

But thanks to influencers, advocates and local sustainable brands people are actually starting to heed the warnings and learn about other healthier options.

4. Buy Social!

There’s a lot of emphasis lately on supporting social enterprises which I’m all here for- and it’s not just because I run one :)

It’s important to support all small businesses, but it’s especially impactful when you support those with a good cause! Because your purchase or donation isn’t just contributing to the growth of the business, but also to the growth of the lives they support.

Here are a few of my faves :

• Story and Myth -

• Deaf Can Coffee -

• Pinto Pottery -

5. The Rise of The Creative

We are slowly eradicating the phrase ‘starving artists’ from our vocabulary and I am personally on cloud nine :)

It’s been a quite a journey to get here- and we still have a way to go- but we’re finally starting to see a lot of respect being paid to the creative industries.

Creatives are coming into their own, honing their skills and fearlessly charging the right prices for their products and services- and people are paying them!

More persons are happily supporting local artisans and makers.

And outside of the individual, a lot of creative communities and organizations are popping up as well that offer opportunities for creatives to learn, be mentored, network and just keep being awesome.

So it’s safe to say that I’m feeling optimistic about what the new year has to bring for us. And even prouder that a lot of the individuals and brands that are supporting these movements are ones that I work with closely, have had the privilege to advise, and adore!

Which movement was your favourite? Or share another one you’ve noticed in the comments below!

Until next time :)

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