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Five local movements that I’m loving in 2019!

Welcome back to Very Kerry :)

I’m excited to do this week’s blog post because I get to talk to you about quite a few of my passions!

Now, if you know me or I’ve ever chatted you up in my store, then you already have an idea of how zealous I am about these topics.

So, of course I’d be happy to see that the following movements are gaining more traction with the new


1. Scandal Free Life

That’s a slogan from one of our MoDA Makers, TCP Tings, that I absolutely love.(You can find it on their totes here )

It’s in support of the recent ban on single use plastics. When I first heard of this I couldn’t have been happier that people are finally starting to pay closer attention to the impact of their actions.

Of course, I know we have a ways to go in terms of educating everyone and encouraging sustainable practices.

But I can’t help but be an optimist :) I’m grateful that, not only individuals and small makers, but also the public sector and private corporations are starting to take responsibility as well!

2. #MeatlessMondays