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3 Easy Tips for Taking Care of Fine Jewellery

As the name suggests, fine jewellery refers to high-quality jewellery items that are crafted, usually by hand, with precious metals and stones. These treasures are not just fashionable additions to your accessory kit, they are also valuable investments and sometimes even priceless heirlooms.

We all know that sentiment about nice things — they need special care.

So, without further delay, here are three (3) simple tips from one of our featured fine jewellers, Bianca Bartley of Peace-Is of Bianca, to keep your valuables looking, well, valuable.

1. Think Preservation

We all style ourselves for the occasion, well that also applies to our everyday tasks, not just the events you grace. It’s important to know when to remove your jewellery and not just when to wear them. For instance, you might wear your rings to the gym, but best to remove them for your workout as lifting weights and holding on to metal bars might scratch them.

Bianca advises that you take off your jewellery before bathing, cleaning, swimming, etc. Steam and water can cause damage to precious metals like gold and silver over time. Water can also erode your jewellery’s settings over time. It is also recommended that you limit your jewellery’s exposure to chemicals, sunlight and heat.

If you’re in doubt about whether the activity you’re about to engage in will damage your jewellery, best to err on the side of caution and remove it. This is one of the easiest ways to keep your precious items looking what they’re worth.

2. Clean as Needed

If your jewellery is well used, as it should be, there is bound to be a build-up of dirt and debris. Cleaning your fine jewellery isn’t just about keeping them pristine, it’s also about protecting the integrity of the pieces, not to mention hygiene.

Bianca recommends cleaning with a jewellery polishing cloth, along with a gentle jewellery cleaner or a MILD soap solution. Be careful when cleaning around semi-precious stones like lapis, malachite, turquoise, opals, coral, ivory, and pearls which are porous and may lose colour over time. Wipe crystals with a moist cloth, softened with water.

How often you clean your jewellery should depend on how often you wear it. Monthly maintenance is a good rule of thumb to take care of your fine jewellery at home, and every six (6) months for professional cleaning. Pieces that are more exposed and prone to build-up, like wedding bands and earrings, should be cleaned more often.

3. Store with Care

Bianca works with a range of precious stones and recommends that you store your Peace-Is of Bianca items in a dry place, possibly even airtight, like a plastic bag, which works well for silver. Dampness and humidity can lead to tarnishing and discolouration. The ideal environment should have a stable temperature and low humidity. Cloth-lined jewellery boxes with individual compartments are ideal for storage because they help to prevent chips and scratches.

Taking proper care of your fine jewellery collection can help keep their lustre and integrity through the years. Follow these three (3) easy tips, and your children, grandchildren, or whoever you might pass on your fine jewellery to will appreciate the care with which you kept your collection. Proper care also preserves value.


We all deserve nice things. Check out Peace-Is of Bianca at Locale to add to your collection.


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